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About Tyler Palmer

Tyler Palmer has grown up capturing memories and telling stories through his photography and films and has developed a unique style with expertly shot and graded visuals.

Tyler is often found filming music videos for fresh urban artists; capturing the atmosphere of live events; or creating a connection with the audience in his commercial work. His love of filmmaking runs deep and when he’s not on client shoots he’s pushing himself to develop his style and skills further.

Shooting with the LOKI one

Tyler mainly uses the LOKI one in the shoulder rig mode, however the ability to attach the wheels and capture tracking and dolly shots allows him to stay creative without having to carry around too many different bits of kit. Shooting with the Sony A7s, Tyler likes having the ability to travel light while being able capture the quality of shots that he’s known for. 

Tyler Palmer Filmmaker with LOKI one Shoulder Rig

Recent LOKI one Shoots


Alex West A Fools Guide To Bartending

Tyler Palmer Filmmaker and LOKI one

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